Introducing the judging panel for the Cardiff Awards!


Introducing…JUDGE Sarah Leighton, an outdoors enthusiast, and adventurer, who has just completed a solo expedition to stand up paddle, cycle, and hike across Wales. Sarah is an advocate of training for a purpose and inspires many people to get outside and move, via her social media, blogs, and magazine articles.

You can follow Sarah on her journeys at




Introducing…JUDGE Mezz Evans, a competition bikini model, PT & all-round fitness fanatic. Mezz says, “prep challenges me in ways nothing else does, it makes the impossible, possible”.

Mezz is the first judge to be revealed for the Cardiff Health, Fitness & Wellness Awards!





Introducing…JUDGE Paul Jenkins, director of Achieving Fitness LTD based in Cardiff!

Paul says, “I have been involved in the fitness industry in a variety of forms from playing sports to personal training from a young age. More recently my passion for fitness allowed me to become a personal trainer and fitness business owner, where I established Achieving Fitness in 2015”.

Paul is a Personal Training and Sports Massage tutor and assessor at The PT School and a race director at Light Up Events. He states, “I can’t wait to see the caliber of businesses in Cardiff at this awards night and look forward to presenting some awards”.


Introducing…JUDGE James Taylor! Super Stars CEO & Founder, James is one of Wales’ most successful young entrepreneurs who in 2014 was crowned IoD UK Director of the Year. Now, through REAP, James is a figurehead who is committed to encouraging the next generation of entrepreneurs to dream just as big as he has.

When James left university, he found himself at a crossroads. He had to decide whether he would get what many would describe as ‘a proper job’, or follow his dream of launching his own business. More than a decade later, James’ business & organization – called Superstars and based in Bridgend – now employs 240 staff and helps over 80,000 children a week, across 250 primary schools.

But if that makes the road to success sound like a simple one, it’s actually been far from straightforward. Every successful entrepreneur has encountered problems – and James is no different. “It’s been a rollercoaster,” James says, talking about his business. “I ignored the naysayers but I worry about how many people out there could start great businesses but have been put off.

James is looking forward to judging in the Cardiff Health, Fitness & Wellness Awards & wants to encourage as many people to get involved as possible.


Please be aware that if a judge knows a nominee they will stand out of the panel for that category to ensure fairness.